Make an Impact in Breed Health

Breed Club Program

Join our Aralis Animals Breed Club Program – and excellent opportunity to partner with an organisation that is passionate about the breed health as much as you and your members are! Become part of a vibrant community focused on the well-being and happiness of purebred and crossbreed dogs. 


1. Make a Difference

By joining our Breed Club Program, you'll be actively championing our mission to improve the lives of Australia's purebred and crossbreed dogs while inspiring others to follow suit. You will be spreading the message of importance of breed health and functional nutrition, encouraging your members and other pet parents to stay informed about breed predispositions and provide breed-specific healthcare. 

2. Give More to Your Members and Followers

Give your members and followers a valuable tool against breed-related health predispositions: Aralis Animals Breed-Specific Vitamins. Help them provide the best care for their furbabies so that they can live a long healthy and happy life by their parents' side. You will also offer them an exclusive discount!

3. Enjoy Great Commissions

We have seen Aralis Animals make a real positive impact on the health of purebred dogs and that is why we are eager to spread the word to other pooch parents and reward those who do the same. By referring and recommending our premium-quality products, you will receive a generous commission from each sale made using an exclusive referral code. 

Sign up to Aralis Animals Breed Club Program today and play a key role in a movement that supports the health and happiness of dogs all over Australia!

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