Who is Aralis?

At Aralis Animals, our inspiration stems from the mythical Aralez, dog-like creatures in ancient mythology, celebrated for their extraordinary healing abilities. These mythic al beings were believed to descend from the sky and resurrect fallen warriors with their nurturing licks. In this spirit, Aralis Animals embodies the essence of these legendary creatures, channelling their healing and nurturing qualities into the realm of canine health and nutrition. Our mission is to provide bespoke health solutions for dogs, focusing on breed-specific needs to ensure their optimal health and well-being. Just like the Aralez, who were guardians and healers in their own right, we strive to protect and enhance the lives of our canine friends through science-backed nutrition and care.


In our pursuit of canine wellness, we embrace the latest in scientific research, tailoring our approach to meet the unique health needs of different dog breeds. This commitment to specialised care for your dog is at the heart of what we do, just like Aralez dogs did for us humans. Every product and service we offer at Aralis Animals is designed to promote the health, vitality, and happiness of dogs, ensuring they lead fuller, more joyful lives