Tips for Introducing New Supplements to Your Dog's Diet

For some pooches, introducing a new supplement may seem like a significant change to their comfortable routine, one they might not be too sure about. Don't worry! Here are some tips to help your pooch unlock the benefits of their new Aralis Animals vitamins and fall in love with the taste.

1. Mix with Favourite Foods

Start by mixing the powder supplement into a spoonful of something irresistible – think of their absolute favourite wet food or a special snack. This familiar taste helps mask the newness, making the supplement a sneakily added secret ingredient in their beloved dish.

2. Gradual Introduction

Start by adding a very small amount of the supplement powder to their food, far less than the recommended dose. Gradually increase the amount over several days. This slow introduction helps your dog get used to the new taste and texture without being overwhelmed.

3. Use a Strong Aroma

Sometimes the key is in the smell. Mix the powder with strongly scented foods that your dog enjoys, such as fish oil or cooked meat, to make the supplement more appealing.

4. Create a Positive Association

Serve up the supplemented meal after a fun activity or as a reward. This way, the supplement becomes part of the celebration. It’s not just lunch; it’s a post-adventure feast!

5. Consistent Routine

Dogs are creatures of habit. Consistently add the supplement at the same mealtime each day. This routine helps your furry friend understand that this is just another exciting part of their daily dining experience.

6. Be Patient and Persistent

Some pups are gourmet critics at heart. If they turn their nose up at first, don't lose heart. Keep trying, and remember, persistence is key to culinary success.

7. Make It a Game

Turn mealtime into a fun game. Hide their food in a puzzle feeder or a treat-dispensing toy. It turns dining into an exciting game and gets them curious about this new, fun-filled meal.

8. Praise and Reward

Shower them with praise and affection when they take a bite. It’s a party every time they munch on their supplemented meal. After all, they’re not just eating; they’re embarking on a journey to better health.

9. Stick to the Recommended Dosage

Once your dog is accustomed to the supplement, ensure you are giving the correct dosage as recommended on the package.

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