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Ambassadog Program

Join our Aralis Animals Ambassadog Program – a delightful and engaging opportunity for dog influencers and their owners across Australia to become part of a vibrant community focused on the well-being and joy of purebred and crossbreed dogs. Aralis Animals is devoted to offering top-quality products, and by teaming up with us as an Ambassadog, you can make a positive impact on dogs' lives.

1. Make a Difference

By joining our Ambassadog Program, you'll be actively championing our mission to improve the lives of Australia's purebred and crossbreed dogs while inspiring others to follow suit. You will be pioneering the message of importance of breed health and functional nutrition, encouraging fellow pet parents to stay informed about breed predispositions.

​2. Enjoy Great Commissions

As an Ambassadog, you'll earn an attractive commission for each sale made using your unique referral code, as a thank you for spreading the word. It's a fantastic way to promote outstanding products for dogs that actually work while earning extra income for you and your furry companion's treat bank.

3. Boost Your Pawsome Profile

Partnering with Aralis Animals, a respected brand in the pet care world, will amplify your fame as a dog influencer who truly cares about canine health and happiness. Plus, being part of our affiliate program gets you first dibs on new products and exclusive offers, making you the talk of the dog park.

4. Gain Access to Expert Advice and Resources

Our affiliate program provides Ambassadogs and their owners with valuable resources, including the latest insights on canine health and nutrition. You'll acquire the knowledge and tools to offer informed recommendations to your followers and fellow dog lovers.

Sign up to Aralis Animals Ambassadog Program today and play a key role in a movement that supports the health and happiness of dogs all over Australia!

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