Supporting 21 British and French Bulldogs who had nowhere to go

At Aralis Animals, every purchase you make extends a helping paw to animals in need. We're excited to share a heartwarming story from RSPCA, highlighting the real difference your purchases made.

A Breath of Fresh Air for Lolly

Recently, RSPCA faced an immense challenge: 21 British and French Bulldogs arrived at their doorstep with nowhere else to go. Among them was Lolly, a 1-year-old British Bulldog struggling to breathe due to an obstructive airway. Thanks to donations funded by your purchases, Lolly received the critical surgery she needed, costing over $6,000, a life-changing procedure for her.

Lolly is Not the Only One

Lolly's story is just one of many. Most of these 21 dogs required extensive surgeries, including nostril and soft palate procedures, chest scans, and treatments for other ailments. The challenges faced by the RSPCA team are immense, especially with popular breeds like these Bulldogs that require extra care and protection from environmental stressors.

Your Role as a Guardian Angel

As an Aralis Animals customer, you become a Guardian Angel for these animals. Your support allows us to contribute to the vital care and treatment these dogs need. With every product you buy, you're helping organizations like the RSPCA provide love, care, and medical attention to animals like Lolly.

You are Making an Impact

When you choose Aralis Animals, you're not just choosing the best for your pet; you're lending a helping hand to animals in desperate need. Together, we can create a brighter future for these beloved creatures. Thank you for being a part of this journey of compassion and care.